Shopper FAQ

How It Works

How do I Snag a deal?

  1. Sign up for a ReviewerClub account.

  2. Verify your email, and provide the link to your Reviewer Profile.

  3. Pick your deal! Just click the "Snag It" button on the product page.

  4. You can check how many M Coin you owned on the confirm page.Click "Confirm Deal" will cost you one M Coin,then you can get promo code.

  5. Use the promo code we provided to the purchase the product.Post the transaction No. to finish step2.

  6. After your item arrives, try it out. Finish step 3 as requirement. If the blue button is"post the review link" ,please post the review permalink. If the button is "review product", please review directly on our club, do not forget to rate the product by choosing the five stars above the content.

  7. After verifying the deal information,your M Coin will be returned

How do I get more M Coins?

The more deal you finish, the more M Coin you can get!

Important information about Shouts

  • You can only use each Snag code once.

  • If you don't finish the process, you won't get more M Coins.



Why does ReviewerClub need to link to my Amazon Reviewer Profile?

Don't worry. We only use this information to track your reviews, so that we can offer you more Snag codes. The connection with your profile does not give us access to anything other than reviews you have posted.

Why does ReviewerClub need my Facebook Profile?

In fact,you don't need to have to post your facebook profile,we audit each new register user,we use this information to verify you identification.So,if you post your facebook profile to us,it will be more easy for us to do the verifying.

What if I don't review a product within two weeks?

We understand that life happens. Whenever you’re ready, you can leave the review on If for any reason you are not able to review an item, please contact us. We want you to be able to Snag another deal.

I received a warning after leaving a review. Why?

There are several reasons you might get a warning: If you already purchased and reviewed the same product, or, if you left a review before enough time has passed for you to actually use the item. With one day shipping, we understand this may not apply to all situations.

What if I don't like the product?

We hope you're happy with the deals you get. But, the purpose of ReviewerClub is to create an honest conversation about items. We really want you to share the pros and cons of your product.

If there's an actual defect, please contact the seller directly or return the product using Amazon's guidelines.

My promo code doesn’t work. What should I do?

Please report to merchants under the product page. We will help you within 24 hours.

Can I resell the product I purchased,if I decide I don't want it?

As a ReviewerClub shopper,you agree to never resell a product you have purchased through our site. allows returns if you decide you do not want to keep a product.

Can I have more than one account?

Sorry, no more than one account per household please. If we find that there are duplicate accounts within one household, we may suspend all accounts in question.

What if I change my mind on a Snag?

Please be 100% sure you intend to purchase an item before getting a Snag. Each Snag that isn't used, keeps other shoppers from being able to get the deals. We can remove a snag from your account once, for a change of heart or failure to read the campaign. Any additional requests may result in penalties to your ReviewerClub account.

How does shipping work?

That depends on the seller. Items that are fulfilled by, only receive free shipping with Amazon Prime or if the total order is over $49.00. If it is shipped directly by a different seller, there may be a shipping cost. even if you have Amazon Prime. Please keep in mind that these are Amazon’s policies, so you can always use the “View on Amazon” button on each campaign to verify purchasing details.